1)First of all you need to have a Metamask wallet! *Make sure you save the seed securely stored.

2) Need to add matic Mainnet — google how to add Matic on Metamask

3) Import Sand contract 0xbbba073c31bf03b8acf7c28ef0738decf3695683 in your metamask

4) Sell your Sand on any exchange you have buy Matic *Selling and buying may cost some fees as per the platform you are on, also consider the difference in price. My experience not a big difference.

5) Now do a trial run by sending 2 Matic to your Metamask wallet

6) Once received you can send the remaining Matic to Metamask.

7) Now use Quickswap connect your metamask and swap matic to Sand, again do a trial swap if you are doing first time, example 5qty

8) once successfully swapped you will have Sand(Matic) Msand in you Matic wallet.

9) Now go to Sandbox login with your metamask, open a profile for you

10) open Staking in Sandbox.

11) Stake your Sand and enjoy the 50%APR

“I staked 500 and in 3 days got 3SAND”

I will be happy to help you on any step you are stuck, wish you all the best of luck.

*This is not a financial advise, above information is for education only.

Love #sandbox

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